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Oceans are filled with water (the hydrosphere) and living organisms (the biosphere), but they also touch the sky (the atmosphere) and the ground deep below (the geosphere).Can you see how this makes each sphere important not only to each other but to Earth as a whole?The biosphere is a major contributor to the recycling of other material on Earth through different spheres. They 'drink' liquid water from the ground and 'breathe' it back into the atmosphere as a gas.They also 'eat' minerals from the soil and turn them into biological material.Earth depends on these interactions, and the balances among these interactions are what allow life to exist on our unique planet.Earth has four 'spheres,' called the geosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and atmosphere.Humans use a variety of natural resources to generate power, such as plant material, oil, natural gas, wind, water and sunlight.You can see right away that we've involved all of the spheres already, even before we started talking about how we harness these resources!

Let's look at another event to see how the spheres interact.

Together, they make up all of the components of our planet, both living and non-living.

And while we can describe each individually in terms of its properties and features, you'd have a difficult time finding an example where one sphere doesn't either touch or interact with at least one other. Plants in the ground die, and as they are broken down by microorganisms, they become soil, which can then feed new plants.

Sometimes, multiple spheres can even occupy the same space, such as with clouds in the sky or plants on the ground. They are what recycle matter through different forms, phases and locations.

And because they are part of an overall connected system, a change in one sphere will certainly affect the other three in some way or another.

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