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As the woman in the audience was not responding to any thing Sally was saying, she decided to ask how the woman in the photo was related to her.It turns out the woman in the audience got the whole concept of submitting a picture of someone you wanted to talk to from the afterlife completely wrong – and for some unknown reason submitted a younger picture of herself.The hall erupted in laughter, which quickly changed into disapproving mumbles that lasted the rest of the night.No matter how hard Sally tried, she was unable to get the audience back, who were becoming increasingly disgruntled with the number of ‘misses’ she was getting.Sally immediately began to get communications from beyond the grave from a man holding a baby named Annabel……or was it Becky.Noticing that no one in the audience was responding, Sally asked the person who submitted the photo to stand up.For those who don't know, psychic Sally Morgan is a British television and stage artist who claims to have (you guessed it...) psychic abilities.

She was informed that this man and baby were somehow linked to the lady in the picture.

However the woman in the audience (who was now also projected behind Sally) disagreed and started to look increasingly confused as, presumably, nothing Sally was saying made any sense to her.

Sally then decided to flat out ask her if the woman in the picture had any children who passed and, when informed that that she hadn’t, responded by saying “I will leave that then”.

Home Affairs Select Committee chairman Keith Vaz and former cabinet minister Alistair Carmichael slammed G4S after it emerged that one of the company's subcontractors, Jomast, had painted homes red so employees knew which were occupied by asylum seekers.

Controversial: Security company G4S knew asylum seekers were having their doors marked in red paint four years ago leaving them exposed to racism and hatred, MPs heard today.

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